Charitable Work

An important and major aspect of the work of the Shorebase is our charitable work using water based activities with various communities to enhance and improves peoples lives and wellbeing.

In the recent years CST have worked with a wide cross section of the community including: schools, disability groups, community groups, women’s groups and youth organisations. As an organisation we are particularly interested in giving opportunities to disenfranchised sections of the community as well as those sections that traditionally would not participate in outdoor activities.

In the past we have even worked with the Probation Service with the aim of getting young people who were on probation back into work or study by developing their self confidence so that they could see the possibility of a future other than one where they were unemployed. We were one of the most successful projects that the Probation Service funded at the time and received a special mention about our success in a home office report.

For those people that want to continue and further their personal development within watersports there are three clubs attached to the Shorebase. The three clubs are unique in the area as they are all reasonably priced and members can hire boats, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, etc. for a nominal fee.

The main aims of our charitable work to develop peoples self confidence, their self esteem and self worth, to develop a believe in themselves and realise that they can become active and worthy member of their community.
Charitable Case Study 
Hadston Community Involvement.

A big part of the Shorebase’s charitable activity is working with local communities. Over the years we have been particularly good at engaging people from various disenfranchised groups. Through participation in the activities we offer we have found we are able to greatly increase individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, with the result that they can then go on to become engaged members of their community.

We have worked with Hadston House, a youth and community project, to provide various sessions and activities.


Charitable Case Study
Working with people with disabilities.

Since it was formed the Coquet Shorebase Trust has prided itself in making watersports accessible to all. Accessibility was one of the prime considerations when our new facilities for the Braid and Druridge Bay Country Park were designed and developed.

Both sites have excellent accessible and disabled changing and toilet facilities. Boats and canoes suitable for those with disabilities and/or mobility issues are available at both the Braid and Druridge Bay Country Park.