Dawn Canoe Safari

All equipment is provided for all our tours, and we supply long john wetsuits and windproof cagoules for the trip if required though you will need to bring a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet. 

All our tours are subject to cancellation in the event of adverse weather conditions on the day.

If you cannot find a scheduled tour that is convenient and have a party of 3 or more then please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to organise for you a date and time that suits.

Paddling from our Shorebase on the Amble estuary and taking the rising tide upstream before the rest of the world awakes. This early morning tour provides the best opportunity for the keen naturalist to encounter the diverse range of wildlife the river and its banks has to offer.

These tours are limited to 6 people so as not to impact to heavily on the birds and mammals that are active at this time of day. We will even provide hot drinks and pastries on route so you can enjoy breakfast whilst experiencing nature awakening.

2-3 hours duration £55 per person.

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