How The Trust Works

First and foremost the Coquet Shorebase Trust is a registered charity. The Coquet Shorebase Trust is also registered as a not for profit limited liability company, the only reason for this is to protect the charities trustees from unlimited financial liability.

Overall management of the Shorebase is in the hands of the Trust management committee who oversee the running and operation of the Trust to ensure that we meet our charitable aims.

The general management and day to day running of the Shorebase is carried out by a full-time volunteer manager, who is a fully qualified watersports Coach. She is ably assisted by a volunteer deputy manager, who is also our senior canoe coach. She is further assisted by a part-time administrator/bookkeeper.

The power house behind the Trust are the numerous volunteers workers and the volunteer coaches and instructors. In addition, when required occasional sessional paid coaches and instructors are used.

The Trust is always looking to enlarge its pool of volunteers and sessional staff so please get in touch.

The Trust management committee is elected each year at the Trust’s AGM. Any member of the Trust over the age of 18 is eligible to stand for the management committee and to vote at the AGM.

The Trust has three honorary management committee officers who are elected at the AGM they are: The Chair, The Secretary and The Treasurer. The treasurer also acts as Company Secretary

There are also up to 12 other committee members.

Trust membership is open to any one over the age of eighteen and costs £5 per year. Members of the three affiliated clubs pay their Trust membership fee (£5) with their club membership subscription. Parents of junior club members (under 18) are asked to join in their own right.