Paddle sports

We offer a variety of experience days to give you chance to try out different paddlesports and crafts.
You can also view the British Canoe courses that we have available.
Sea Kayaking

This one day taster provides an informal introduction to the varied and wonderful world of paddling on UK coastal waters. The course is ideal for anyone who has been tempted to head offshore under their own power. Designed for the beginner, this course is for those wanting to develop new skills and feel more confident exploring estuaries and sheltered bays by kayak. Our experienced coaches will cover all the basics from launching and landing, how to manoeuvre your craft and simple rescue techniques.

The Course take place in and around the sheltered waters of the stunning Amble Estuary with the possibility of venturing a little further  and visiting one of the impressive local beaches if weather and tide permits.

Prices from £110 per person (group discounts available)


The range of kayaks on the market can be extremely confusing to those new to the sports who just want the opportunity to get out on the water. This taster day offers the beginner paddler the chance to experience a variety of closed cockpit kayaks, sit on tops, touring kayaks, solo, tandem, we have them all, in order to discover which is best suited to them.

Our experienced instructors will introduce you to some fundamental paddling skills and basic rescue techniques plus taking on your first kayak short journey.

This course can take place either on the Amble estuary and lower River Coquet or the more sheltered Ladyburn Lake, Druridge Bay Country Park. Weather and tide dependent.

Prices from £110 per person (group discounts available)

Stand up Paddleboarding

The SUP, a relative newcomer to the world of paddlesport, provides a great user friendly way for getting out on the water, keeping active, getting fit, observing wildlife and enjoying the great outdoors.

 This is the essential introduction for those new to paddleboarding. One of our qualified instructors will take you through basics: Sup safety techniques, foundation paddle skills and the level of knowledge required to get you out there paddling safely in a sheltered water environment.

 Expect lots of getting wet, lots of learning, lots of fun and possibly the chance of a bit of surfing if conditions permit.

This course can take place either on and around the stunning Amble estuary or the more sheltered Ladyburn Lake, Druridge Bay Country Park. Weather and tide dependent.

Prices from £110 per person (group discounts available)

British Canoe Courses

The Paddle Awards are aimed at those new to paddlesport, enabling you to develop the skills to feel confident and safe on sheltered water in your chosen craft. There are three paddle awards to choose from enabling a steady progression at your own pace in developing both your skills and understanding. Click on the tabs for more information.

Paddle Start Award

Your first time on the water, learning useful skills for an enjoyable paddling      experience. Our qualified instructors will ensure you feel safe and confident by providing you with the knowledge to enable you to get safely in and out of your boat, making it move and return to your start point.

Half Day £70 including certificate.

Paddle Discover Award

 If you are serious about taking up paddling but not sure where to start this one day course is a good option. With a chance to try out our large range of canoes, kayaks and paddleboards and with one of our qualified instructors on hand to help develop your decision making and practical skills to give you a fun and safe time on the water, progressing you towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler.

Full day £120 + £6 for British Canoeing certification

Paddle Explore Award

 This award is designed to encourage and support you in your chosen craft, to help you choose where you go next in your paddling journey; developing and recognising your ability to independently paddle your boat of choice in a sheltered water environment.

2 days £240 + £8 for British Canoeing certification

The Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose. The awards allow paddlers to improve their skills, working towards the award of their choice, developing their decision making and fundamental skills.

All of the awards are direct entry; paddlers can choose which award they would like to work towards.

Although not a requirement, the awards provide appropriate acknowledgement of personal skills, setting up the paddler appropriately for British Canoeing Coaching and Leadership qualifications.

As the awards do not directly link to Coaching and Leadership qualifications, formal assessments are not conducted and a more formative approach is used. If candidates meet the requirements outlined in the course description then the award can usually be conducted in a day.  The award can be taken over multiple days if further experience and training is required.

For more information about each course please get in touch.

Canoe Award

The canoe award recognizes your skill, decision making and judgment when undertaking journeys in open canoe in wind conditions up to and including Beaufort Force 3 and taking place on grade 1 rivers with simple eddy lines.

Prices from: £120 per day (British Canoe Members), £130 (Non- Members)

Sea Kayak Award

The sea kayak award recognizes your skill, decision making and judgment needed for a successful day out on coastal waters. With proficient skills to be in control throughout you will be confident in undertaking and planning journeys on the sea in winds up to and including Beaufort Force 3 and/or tides up to one knot.

Prices from: £120 per day (British Canoe Members), £130 (Non- Members)


The SUP Sheltered Water Award

our SUP Sheltered Water Award will acknowledge your ability to organize and undertake a successful journey on sheltered water up to 200 m from shore, in winds up to and including Beaufort Force 3. You will be confident in considering how far you can safely travel from the shore, be able identifying safe exit points and have knowledge of a range of rescue techniques.

  You will have the proficient skills to anticipate and adapt to the environment andconditions in order to have a safe and enjoyable day out stand up paddleboarding.

Prices from: £120 per day (British Canoe Members), £130 (Non- Members)

Surf Kayak Award

The Surf Kayak Award endorses your surf experience, your knowledge and the decision making required to have a successful day in the surf. You will be confident in gentle surf with sloping and spilling waves with proficient skills to be safe and in control throughout the session.

 This award is extremely weather dependent so a high degree of flexibility will be required in the booking process.

Prices from: £120 per day (British Canoe Members), £130 (Non- Members)

The Touring Award

The Touring Award acknowledges your skill, judgment and decision making processes required to have a successful day on a river or estuary in your chosen craft. You will be confident in planning and undertaking journeys with the proficient skills to be in control throughout and rescue techniques appropriate for the environment in which you are paddling.

Prices from: £120 per day (British Canoe Members), £130 (Non- Members)

Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course

The British Canoeing Awarding Body Paddlesport Safety and Rescue  course provides training on key skills needed to operate safely and deal with common emergencies in a sheltered water environment. This training is intended for all paddlers, coaches and volunteers, irrespective of craft or discipline choice.

 The skills practiced and learned then go on to form the foundations for safety and rescue throughout British Canoeing Awarding Body awards pathway.

 In order to run this course we require a minimum of 3 people if you are an individual booking please contact us and we will try and match you with other interested parties.

Cost: £115 – BC members, £120 – non members

(discounts available for group bookings)

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TRY BESPOKE: We will do our best to arrange it for you.  Our instructors or guides plus your equipment requirements are available from £120 per day.  For group bookings (3+) all of our courses can be arranged for times and dates that are convenient to you or otherwise we would be happy to design a course that meets your needs.  Email or call us to discuss your requirements